About Us

Our Farm

Located in Kingston, Ontario, Robert Agri-Tech Farm is a premium producer benefiting from prime growing conditions and terroir. By utilizing sustainable regenerative cultivation, the farm reduces production costs and inputs without compromising the quality of the product. We work collectively as a team of enthusiasts who advocate for our customers and communities, upholding a vision of producing innovative products and services that are crafted with pride by people who care.

Our Technology

With a conscious awareness of earth ethics, we monitor our crops electronically using horticulture techniques. This special ecologically designed system incorporates various sensors and geothermal climate controllers to control and maintain precisely the appropriate temperature, humidity, and lighting. This setup mimics the natural ecosystem, bringing the plant closer to its maximum potential. We further decrease the production costs and carbon footprint with the adoption of hybrid greenhouses and sun-grown techniques. As part of our beyond organic production process, we use no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, which constitutes an environmentally friendly measure to prevent mites, mildew, and other fungal infections. We hire our biological technologists on-site to supervise the growing cycle of the plants. In this way, the plant's microorganisms will increase nutrient uptake, producing the highest possible quality and full genetic potential. Each stage of the production process is tested in the laboratory to ensure we adhere to the highest standards of quality.

Our promises

Being a licensed producer, we are responsible for ushering in a new era of the cultivation and management in accordance to our philosophy of compliance, testing, and product development. As a result of our cost-effective, cutting-edge and sustainable approach, we are able to disrupt the industry with our strong commitment to unleash the power of this plant to improve other’s well-being. From supporting health benefits to fostering economic opportunity and striving toward social justice, Robert Agri-Tech Farm seeks to showcase the capacity and true potential of this plant.

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